EVA CLX in VMware

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EVA CLX in VMware

We have EVA cluster extension in a Microsoft Failover cluster (Server 2008 x64 R2 - MNS with File Share Witness) in VMWare (VSphere 4).

I have configured the Cluster Disks as RDMs and each Virtual Server sits on a different ESX Host.

If the Active Cluster node is shut down then the cluster fails over quickly. If we shut down the source EVA the cluster does fail over but can take between 3 - 10 minutes to come online on the second node (much slower than the Physical servers wich generally dont take longer than 30 seconds).

However, if we shut down the Active ESX Host and source EVA, the storeage fails over correctly (Confirmed that the VDisk has become source on the EVA that was previously the destination) but the CLX Cluster resource will not come online until we power the original EVA back on.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?




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