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EVA CV 9.4 strange error

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EVA CV 9.4 strange error



I post for the first time in this "itrc" , so i hope i'm in the right place :)


We have an EVA 3000 seen by CV9.4 as leveling after disk operation, but at the same time in our CV9.3 the leveling is finished and the EVA is all fine.


It is a test EVA, so we make a reboot of the mannap and a reboot of the EVA with no result for CV9.4 always see the leveling at 0% and beginning but the leveling is finished long time ago ...


Do you have any idea where this comme from



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA CV 9.4 strange error

Hello, it's in the right place I believe :)


You could check in the controller event log on the CV 9.4.


Do you see an event for 'levelling completed'?


If not, then supposedly the CV 9.4 is not able to get the latest info/logs from the master controller.


Did you power cycle the whole EVA?

To remedy you could attempt to rename the cache directory. 


1. Stop the HP Command View EVA service.

2. Rename the \Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Sanworks\Element Manager forStorageWorks HSV\cache\[EVA WWN] directory to ...\[EVA WWN]_OLD.

3. Start the HP Command View EVA service.HP Command View EVA will retrieve the controller log events that have occurred since thecontroller software upgrade.If the controller log events from prior to the upgrade are needed, you must retrieve them from theprevious ...\[EVA WWN]_OLD directory