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EVA Capacity not matching.

Gene Kenny
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EVA Capacity not matching.

We just added a second drive enclosure on our second EVA. Both EVAs are 4000’s running XCS 6.220 firmware. Each EVA now has two disk enclosures, and the enclosures are fully populated with 146 GB drives. Each drive has the same formatted capacity, and the disk failure is set to single sparing.

According to Command View the drives have completed leveling, but this capacity is about 600MB less than the older EVA?
Matt Palmer_2
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Re: EVA Capacity not matching.


is there anything showing in 'Unmappable hardware' or 'ungrouped disks'?

I have also had issues with the reporting of disk information after moving disks around/adding shelves, after logging a call with support I was told it was a quirk of CV EVA and I needed to do a MASTER CONTROLLER FAILOVER.

Hope that helps


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Re: EVA Capacity not matching.

I'm agree with Matt. In most of cases where EVA capacity information was wrong a master controller reboot solved it. If all is well configured you will have a controller failover without impact in your operating systems.