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EVA Command View is locked

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EVA Command View is locked

I have EVA HSV300 with version of v9.04.00.110413 and command view is not responding as before. It was a working storage and suddenly it freezed the CV. I tried releasing the WWN from cmd using cvutil.exe and resetting the controller but it still not working.


When I check the Management Paths, Controller Role is Slave. Below is the message I got..


"The storage system is not responding to management command requests in a timely manner. This may be due to a prior management command request with excessively long response time, or a communication problem. CV EVA will recover automatically when the storage system is able to respond to management commands. Management command access to the storage system does not affect host I/O."


Thanks in advance..

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Re: EVA Command View is locked



Just to confirm that you have performed the basic troubleshooting,


-Confirm that you SAN connected hosts with storage presented are still able to access their LUNs.

-Rebooted the CV Host

-Confirm that all the switches are operational and the zoning is correct.



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Re: EVA Command View is locked

Hey, can you access the EVA via CV or WOCP on the management module?

CV only communicates with the master controller.