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EVA HSV200 Battery Replacement Issue

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EVA HSV200 Battery Replacement Issue


We are facing an issue about HSV200 Controller Battery Replacement.

Fw XCS 5110 . The battery is new (with latest code).Even when we shutdown the controller, the replacement fail due probably to the gap firmware.The controller is unable de downgrade the battery.

As we brought the battery to a controller with XCS6220 (Lab  Controller), the battery begins charging few seconds after install.

Someone has already faced same problem ?

I want to downgrade our lab controller from 6.220 to 5110 but I do not have intermediate level so as to bring the 

battery working with XCS5110. Is there a possibility to obtain the code ?

Thanks alot !!

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Re: EVA HSV200 Battery Replacement Issue (Problem Solved)


I solved the problem as follows:

First, the battery problem has no link with firmware level except for hotplug: fw XCS5110 or earlier we must shutdown the

controller (from EVA command view or OCP) before battery replacement.

The solution for the problem was "printed on the battery Box": Manufactured on Date XX and Install On or before YY.

If the controller date is greater than YY ,   temporarely change the date so as it will be between  XX and YY

(set time from Command view).

shutdown the controller and replace the battery

Power on the controller, the battery is detected and charging begins (Green led flashing)

Let the battery until full charging. (Green led solid)

Change the controller date (set time from command view)  to be in sync with the management station,(end of procedure).

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