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is there any log I could take a look to see when I lost Single Protection on one of my disk groups?

We also have WEBES, if that helps. Thanks
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Logs

The EVA event log will show if a disk drive has failed and if WEBES was installed, properly configured and the surrounding environment was working, it should have sent a mail.

Oh, by the way:
the so-called "protection level" on a disk group DOES NOT protect any data!! The redundancy is in a virtual disk's VRAID-1/5/6.

Imagine the "protection level" is a virtualized form of spare disks.
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Re: EVA Logs

Make sure that WEBES is configured with SMTP details and check the functionality with Test mail.

FYI, The Protection group becomes from Single to None subject to a disk failure and there is no free space on that DG. (i,e; almost 100% Utilizaiton)

else when the Disk fails, the Controller will do the Reconstruction job of missing data by taking the spare blocks reserved by Protection policy.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA Logs

When the "disk drive failure protection" setting changes a event is logged on the controller event log.

But, as Uwe says, do not give that setting so much importance, it's just to make sure you have free space on the disk group.

If you set "disk drive failure protection" = None and have the space equivalent of two disks free on the disk group, you're exactly on the same situation.

The data protection comes from the RAID 1/5/6, not from that.