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EVA Navigator Learning

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EVA Navigator Learning

Hello All ,

i am a CE and i been working on EVA cases for a while now and i want to improve myself in it . i want to start using the navigator so i get to look at logs and analyis them .

is there a manual or a guide or some sort of a (HOW TO... ) documet that could teach me how to search through logs and the logs coding

please post to me any infor could be helpful for this topic .i would highly appreciate it


thanks so much in advance

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA Navigator Learning



ex-EVA support / trainer here.


I'd say the best way to learn how to read logs in navigator is to.. read logs!


For example get logs from an EVA that's been running fine and for example look at all the events when a disk fails, kicked out, reconstruction and levelling. Check out the ASC/ASCQ codes http://www.t10.org/lists/asc-num.htm that are in the 'check condition' events. SAW was a good resource for these too.


If you're going to work with older EVAs then learning the AL_PA addresses might come in handy.


Using the configuration viewier (or whatever it was called) to look at how the EVA is configured is also very useful.

Easy to spot old firmwares and unbalanced vdisk ownerships.


Termination logs are usually a bit more cryptic, but SAW was a good resource to find out what the different termination codes meant. Finding out which terminations are benign is useful.


Perhaps navigator is improved these, but back when I was using it, it was sometimes useful to import the log into an excel spreadsheet where you can process it further. Like count how many events of a certain type, perhaps better coloring or such.


As the navigator is/was an HP internal tool I guess there aren't that any public documentation.

If you got some contacts in HP - perhaps some current HP storage support people could share with you their favorite links?


Re: EVA Navigator Learning

Hi AMR Please can you share HP Navigator . I Need it so badly Thanks Regards