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EVA P6000 Error Code

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EVA P6000 Error Code



I currently have an EVA P6000 Storage and I face disconnections at the iSCSI level. 

My storage has iSCSI 10Gb ports and also FC ports - 8 Gb.


I configured alerting at the SAN level and I have received the following error:


****This is an automated message.  Do not reply****


An alarm has occurred on EVA storage system: SAN-1-FR7703-01 WWN: 5001-4380-1136-AB60


Alarm type: Hardware condition change


Alarm description: Event Code: 0e4c0019 - 0," Status change of mezzanine embedded in controller.");


Can somebody please tell me what the error code represents - is it a faulty component or do I need to upgrade the firmware - XCS10000000?


Thank you.




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Re: EVA P6000 Error Code

Dont know the error, but if you are below XCS10000000, you should Update to XCS11001100 (Storage and ABM) and then also Update the iSCSI MEZ.

The MEZ have his own Firmware: P6000_EVA_10G_iSCSI_FCoE_MEZ75_v3.2.2.10_T4256-10519

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.