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EVA P6300 4TB SAS poor drive performance

Mike Celone
Frequent Advisor

EVA P6300 4TB SAS poor drive performance

We just added a new LFF disk shelf and 12 4TB SAS 7.2K drives to our EVA P6300 array.  Our EVA is on XCS 11200000 firmware.  The intended usage for these drives are VMs being used as file servers.  However the performance we are seeing is well below what I was expecting.  Sequential reads are performing normally (800MB/sec) but random IO is very slow.  We have 10K SFF drives in the array also and the performance is much better for random IO. I am using a 7TB vRAID5 LUN for all my testing.

We have a DL380 with 12 4TB 7.2k SAS drives locally attached is the performance is much better.  Using the same test in IOMeter (8KB, 65% Random, 60% Read) I get about 2350 IO/sec with the local disks but only 870 with the EVA P6300.  Even in real world usage with a single VM assigned to these drives we are seeing very slow performance.  A brand new VM I spun up took almost 10 minutes to boot.  Other VMs take less than a minute that are on our SFF 10k drives. 

So my question is what is the expected performance for these drives?  Is what I am seeing normal or should I be getting better random IO performance?