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EVA P6300 DR operation failed

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EVA P6300 DR operation failed


We have a seriouse probelm with our EVA 6300 storage, there was a power outage for the site, and after power up the systems, we got unwork IP gateway, so our main EVA no longer connected to the DR storage, and the DR groups got locked.

no matter we try we cannot modify them, delete them or deattache VDisks from them at the main site.

the status for the DR group:

Condition/State :

Operational state: Failed

Group host access:  Blocked 

Failsafe state: Locked(LinkDown/PowerUp)

Failsafe on unavailable member: Disabled

Failsafe on link-down/power-up: Enabled


can anyone help us

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Re: EVA P6300 DR operation failed

Change affected DR groups from failsafe-enabled mode to normal mode.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.