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EVA P6300 iSCSI controllers problem

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EVA P6300 iSCSI controllers problem

Hi friends I am very confused with a legacy EVA and I need help, please

The system is an HP StoreWorks P6300. I can manage the system with a server with HP P6000 Command View installed. The system is running in production and presents the luns to one server but we can´t add more hosts to the system because we can´t manage the iSCSI controllers. Command view displays an exclamation icon on both controllers and say not available.

The problem is that I don't understand the conectivity between the switches in the iSCSI LAN with the iSCSI controllers in the EVA. My iSCSI LAN is 172.20.1.x and 172.20.2.x, when I scan the network I see the controller's IPs but I can´t find it in the command view where is configurated the iSCSI LANs.

My iSCSI network configuration and connectivity are:

iSCSI Controller 1
D1 - switch 1 - (MEZ50)
D2 - switch 1 -
D3 - switch 2 - (MEZ50)
D4 - switch 2 -

iSCSI Controller 2
D5 - switch 1 - (MEZ50)
D6 - switch 1 -
D7 - switch 2 - (MEZ50)
D8 - switch 2 -

I don't understand at all that distribition I don't know if is correct, I received the EVA with that configuration two years ago and now I need to increase the host and encountered that problem

Another question, in all operations with the iSCSI controllers I received ther error 'Operation failed. Error received from the iSCSI Controller. See log file for details.' and I would like to know where I can find that log

I send some images to help.
Thanks a lot.-