EVA P6550

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EVA P6550

I just read somewhere that logs can be downloaded on the P6550. I want to make sure this unit is completely factory reset includeing removing any logs, settings config, on the Managment module, Conrollers etc. How do you delete the logs so nothing is remaining. It needs to be completely cleansed. 

Also it looks like the Controller settings and config can be checked or reset throught the command view. Is there any concern or anything to check if the Conroller has a console port. I had one that had a oddly keyed console port and not sure if there there would be any data that needs to be removed.


Re: EVA P6550

The management module can be reset to factory defaults 

Press and hold the recessed Reset button located in the rear middle part for 4-5 seconds.

The default IP address would be and user name is admin without any password.

If there is no data or data is not required any more you can uninitilize and reinilize the array..

However i would suggest to perform the activity by HPE engineer by contacting the HPE support team.

Command view User guide link below for more information.


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