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EVA Query

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Frequent Advisor

EVA Query

Hi Experts,


is it possible to retrieve data If i add a HDD in a EVA  which is removed from another EVA ?


Kindly reply me.




Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA Query



Sorry I dont think that is possible.  When you add the drive to the EVA it will ask you to Group it.  This process will re-format the drive and erase all data on it. 

Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA Query

One disk only has pieces of any file or file system. So even if the disk was simply pulled out, making sense of what's there is very difficult.  This is generally true for all disk arrays.


If the disk was ungrouped before removal, the metadata on the drive says that it's empty.  So when it's added back into an EVA, and is added to a group, when the group is leveled, new metadata and data is written to it from other disk members of the group.


From a security point of view, it is possible to collect fragments of files, so before disposal, some amount of initialization would be needed to erase the fragmented data.

Sean O'Banion

Well, technically, yes and no.