EVA Space

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EVA Space

i one question about space in eva ?
how to COMPUTATION vraid in eva?
i have one eva 6400 and (2c3d) full hdd 300gb.
i know what space :
if raid 1= ?
raid 5= ?
raid 6=?
please explain about anyone.
tanks for help.
sam bell
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Re: EVA Space

You can use HP EVA Calculator for this!
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Re: EVA Space

Hi ESS ,
open command view EVA > Virtual Disk > Create Vdisk >
under radio button you can see effective disk if configured in Vradi5 and VRaid1 .
Not sure if Vraid6 is available in EVA ..

jason andrade
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Re: EVA Space

I'm not sure i understand the difficulty exactly.

the EVA is smart enough to build Virtual Raids but the space calculation doesn't change as such.

if you create a 100G LUN as VRAID1, it will need 200G of actual raw space. (mirrored)

the others you can get from the eva calculator as mentioned.

yes, you can do raid6 on the EVA but from what i've seen you need a EVA X400 or above and you need to have enhanced disk groups (rather than basic).