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jandel basanal
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EVA StorageWorks

Pls help how to extend existing virtual disk.I have installed additional disks (9) on different drive bays and enclosure.Same disks capacity and rpm.They were already in ungroup disks.I have default disk group.So how can extend a specific virtual disk.Thanks
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Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA StorageWorks

Go to the disk group's properties page and then press [Add disks]. Enter the desired number and confirm (I can't check right know what the button in the upper left is labeled, but it should be obvious).

Then wait until the leveling has finished.

Now go to the virtual disk's properties page and enter the new (higher) capacity. Again, confirm with a button press.
** Watch out!
In recent product versions you can *shrink* a virtual disk, but that means data blocks are just dropped!!

After the vdisk has been expanded, you will have to make changes to the partition table and file system -- if your operating system (which you did not tell us) allows this.

Please try to find out in advance if & how you can do this. In older versions it is NOT possible to shrink a disk that was extended in error. You would have to back up all data, delete it, recreate it and then restore.