EVA ??? Version

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EVA ??? Version

Hi I dont know if anyone can answer this I just joined a new company, they have an EVA thats missing its serial number and documentation.

I need to know what version it is 4400 6400 or other. Anyone know of a easy way to find this out?

Its using 4 storage works enclosures and has two HSV200 v6110 controllers. Is there anywhere in EVA command view that will tell me what EVA this is?
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Re: EVA ??? Version

This is ether EVA4000 or EVA6000 - has it internal switches?

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA ??? Version

HSV200 is
EVA 4000/4100/6000/6100.

CV will not tell you wich EVA model, unless some one has named it / written a note.

CV will not tell the s/n of the old EVA's

s/n will be found on a label on the backside of the rack. Mostely next the the controllers.
Don't confuse the rack s/n and the EVA s/n.


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Re: EVA ??? Version


have you looked 'up' when you open the rear of the cab. My details are on the right hand side. Its a HP label with the 'AD' part number and the S/N starting with 'GBxxxxxxxx'

hope its there :-)