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EVA and XP12000 - backup config

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Blake Edwards
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EVA and XP12000 - backup config

Can I backup and restore the config of an EVA and XP?

If I can't can I export the config?

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Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config

You can save an EVA config using SSSU "capture configuration" - and you can restore it using SSSU.

The XP config is always stored on the SVP and additional (floppy) disks - in case of a needed restore you should ask your HP storage support.

Hope this helps!

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Blake Edwards
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Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config

Thanks Torsten.

I guess if the EVA is intialized, the SSSU script could recreate the LUNs, whereby only the data needs to be restored to these new LUNs?

Any chance of an example SSSU capture config?

I have used SSSU before.

And floppies with the SVP? Can this be sent via email, or saved on the network instead of floppies?

I can easily then schedule a SSSU capture daily for DR purposes, however I'm looking to schedule a capture config of both an EVA and the XP.

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Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config


We backup EVA configs and SAN switch configs every night via a simple batch file that maps a share to a server based at a different campus, then calls the SSSU capcture config command, appends the date and time to the config files and sends emails to let the team know that the backup was completed.

And Yes, once the EVA is initialised, "SSSU restore config" can restore the EVA configuration - however you still need to know which Vdisk mapped to which filesystem to complete your filesystem data recovery as the EVA configuration does not keep a mapping of EVA Vdisks to Host Filesystem mapping (Vdisk 01 -> D:\ on Server 01).
Mynor Aguilar
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Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config

for EVA:
locate the SSSU.exe file on your SMA or SMS

step 1:
SELECT MANAGER manager name USERNAME=username PASSWORD=password

eg: SELECT MANAGER USERNAME=administrator PASSWORD:administrator

The SELECT MANAGER command configures the utility for use on the specified HP Command View EVA instance. The manager name can be a management server name or an IP address. The user name and password are the account credentials that were created for you during HP Command View EVA installation. The user name and password are validated in the background on every command.

step 2:

SELECT SYSTEM system name

you can always do a LS SYSTEM before this step if you don't know your array name.

The SELECT SYSTEM command directs the command prompt to the selected array. All configuration commands affect the selected array. If the system name includes spaces, enclose it in quotes

step 3:
eg: CAPTURE CONFIGURATION c:\myconfig.txt

The CAPTURE CONFIGURATION command enables you to capture, save, and re-create an array configuration by querying the selected array and generating up to five scripts.

it will generate your config file wich can be restore if you suffer a catastrophic failure.

Mynor Aguilar
Blake Edwards
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Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config

Thanks for the info.

How about a capture of the XP?
(Dont want to capture it via floppy disks but a scheduled dump as per what SSSU can do for the EVA)


Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config

XP configuration can be changed by using the RaidManager (scripting) utility.

To do this remote, it might be a question of license for the XP (remote console license).

To do it "locally" you can use CommandViewXP

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Re: EVA and XP12000 - backup config

thanks for your Tip.

I have just done the capture config... should be performed separetly on each EVA.

is there a way to grab the config for all your eva's at once?



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