EVA basics

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EVA basics



I've recently taken on a client that has a couple of EVAs (8000 & 4400). I've years of experience of EMC products, but have never had to manage EVAs. The documentation at this client is meagre at best, so I need a little help.


The 4400 has a CommandView server, so I've been able to mange that one. However, the 8000's CV server is dead, and nobody knows the IP addresses of the controllers.


Am I correct in believing that I can manage the EVA without the CV by using the controller IPs?


If so, how can I determine the IPs of the controllers?


Can I use a console port to hyperterm onto the controller?


If so, what sort of console cable should I use? Is it a regular RS232 connection?


Would it be advisable to rebuild the OS of the CV server, and reinstall CV?


How does CV manage & control the array? Via a control LUN or over IP?


I know I could probably find all this in the manuals somewhere if I had time to do so, but to save me digging through the website to find these things I was hoping I could use everyone's extensive experience on this subject to get some pointers.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: EVA basics

The EVA 8000 has no network connection.


The "LAN" ports you can see there are  serial ports for service access.

You need a command view server!

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA basics

EVA's is managed using Command View.

For Legacy EVA's you must have a server, connected to the SAN and Command View installed.

You can download from here:


Choose P6000 Command View 10.2


Command view is using the host ports, and it can managed multible EVA's.

So if both EVA's is on the same SAN, and if the server is zoned for both EVA's, it will discover both EVA's

Note: The account that you want to use for CV logon must be in local storage admins.


EVA4400 and P6000 got a management module. on the management module you got a WOCP and CV

This command view can manage its own EVA only.

You can still use a sever with command view for the boxes as well. And you will have more tools using a server.

Storage collections and perforamance analysis.


There's a CLI for the EVA/P6000 as well, it is a part of the Command view suite, and will install along with CV




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