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EVA hard drive in Proliant drivebay???

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EVA hard drive in Proliant drivebay???

Hi all storage fans out there. Need some help.

I'm about to buy a lot of EVA SSD drives with following numbers. (Reason: I found them for right amount of $$$)

BareDrive Assembly#: 632429-002

BareDrive Model#: EO0200FBRVV

Option Partnumber: QK757A

SP#: 660676-001


Spec as follows:




SAS interface


Firmware HPD9

Brand new unopened

The drive is supposed to be used in EVA drive enclosure M6625 6G SAS



Just to make my self clear that I do understand that HP personal can not answer my question and will not recommend what I'm about to do. I have already talked to 2 different support people inside HP support desk in EVA and Proliant.

They both really tried to figure out if the EVA drive would work in a Proliant server like DL380 / DL360 G6 or G7.

They both can't really see any reason why it should not work, but they can't guarantee that the EVA people have not done any firmware modification or 520/528 bytes/sector instead of standard 512 that a Proliant server using.


The same Drive model: EO0200FBRVV is also sold from Proliant camp with 2 different partnumbers

For G7 servers with G5/G6/G7 harddisc tray

P/N#: 632492-B21

SP#: 632627-001

Same firmware: HPD9 exist for download


For G8 servers with the new harddisc tray

P/N#: 653078-B21

SP#: 653961-001

Same firmware: HPD9 exist for download


All 3 have the same DriveModell#: EO0200FBRVV

As you can see in following Matrix from HP, search for EO0200FBRVV and you get 3 hits, 2 for Proliant and 1 for 1 EVA.




So I guess my question in short is if someone have tried to take an standard xxxGB SAS EVA M6625 harddrive,

change the tray if necessary and mount it inside an Proliant G7 server and used it.


Or if some kind soul can during this week take an EVA spare drive and see if the Proliant raidcontroller can see and

use the EVA drive.


I figure if the normal hardrive works i guess there is no reason why the EVA SSD not should work.






I can now confirm that it works just fine. The EVA 200GB SAS SLC SSD HP labled work just fine in Proliant servers.