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EVA historical performance

Sukhvinder Saraf
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EVA historical performance


Do we have any tool to capture historical perfomance data for the EVA?
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA historical performance

Hi, check out evaperf - it comes with Command View.

But this doesn't capture until you tell it to.
There is no historical performance data saved by default.

Only indications you can see (that I can think of) are for example ISL throughput reductions in the controller event log.
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Re: EVA historical performance

If You have EVAPERF installed on your COmmandView node -- then it is integrated to WIndows Performance Monitor where you can set rules/policies to capture whatever data you want and other historicals. You can also produce nice graphs and text data as well out of WIndows Performance Monitor.

Or you can also run evaperf continously or on duration and parse through the captured stats and use Excel to mash it and graph it.

Of course - you an also ask HP to graph the evaperf output for you.
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: EVA historical performance


www.evaperfect.com is offering paid services in Europe for collecting the EVAPerf data continuously and once uploaded to their website, EVA counter statistics are accessible in GUI format from their website.

HP Storage Essential can also provide means to collect the EVAPerf data historically and makes it easy to view the EVAs and perf data from single pane of glass.

Akorri BalancePoint (recently aquired by NetApp) can also collect the EVAPerf data and will be able to show hot points between host, SAN and Storage.

Hope that helps to everyone.

Pretty slick.