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EVA two disk failure in the same RSS

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EVA two disk failure in the same RSS



The concept of RSS , disk group , Vdisk is clear.


but something i need to understand. Every one said , if two disk failed in the same RSS , there is data loss.


there is data loss only if following e.g 8 disk RSS group


another disk failure during reconstruction. then there is data loss.


not after disk reconstruction. am i right?


so after disk reconstruction, another disk may fail and there is no loss of data.


as i understand, after 1 disk failure, there is reconstruction within the same RSS first then disk levelling across all disk.



kindly clarify this point.



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Re: EVA two disk failure in the same RSS

Yes, after a disk failure the EVA is reconstructing the data to get fully redundant again, until there is no free space left.


Problem is a second failing disk in the same RSS while the reconstruct is still in progress. This may render the complete diskgroup unusable.

Hope this helps!

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