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EVA virtual disk creation time

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EVA virtual disk creation time

I'll add 15 FC 600GB 15krpm disks to EVA4400  and create a new group.  I'll use the 15 disks to create 2 vraid5 virtual disks, with about 2TB and 6TB capacity separately.


How long will it take for the 2 virtual disks creation?




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Re: EVA virtual disk creation time

I think it will be created with min time because there is no data present.


Main point is you need to keep in mind for the other options like........as you have mentioned that you want to create 2TB and 6TB vdisks........I think as of now even with XCS11001100 still you can not replicate LUN which is more than 2TB in size...also creating bigger size LUN may have performance impact as well..........I would you to go for 2TB LUN and in case you want to present 8TB LUN in a particular host then present four 2TB host.....that way it can resolve your purpose and at the same time you can increase EVA performance as well as you can configure EVA CA replication.

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