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EVA3000 CA data transfer

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EVA3000 CA data transfer


We have 2 x sites 60 x miles apart with a 512k link between them, we need to replicate from one EVA3000 to another EVA3000, 1000 x records per day - each record is approx 250 bytes each (only text based). Based on the distance and latency we have decided to put an up to date live copy of the data (14GB) at each site using a tape and then replicate the data within the EVA3000 at site "A" every hour and push ONLY the changes across to site "B" using Continuous access on the EVA3000.

The amount of data being transfered (as above) should not be more than 256k per day - will this work OK? and does the EVA allow CA to replicate only changes to data and send those instead of the whole 14GB?

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Re: EVA3000 CA data transfer


yes once a baseline copy of the source data exists at the destination then only changes are transferred. Information on how it works, what iot does and how to set up are here http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c02838340-4.pdf  I realise your system is a lot older but I can't find a link to the older version of this document, and it is too big to post here, however most of it is the same.

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