EVA3000 Inquiry

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EVA3000 Inquiry

It's me again Noel ....sorry to bother you all once more.It's just that were at a lost as to how virtual disk should be presented.We got a client who normally create a virtual disk and presents it to an HP-UX server.But just recently, after creating a Vdisk it wont present to any hpux host instantly as expected.

1st Instance:

I compared the newly created Vdisk to other existing Vdisk and I found out that in the preferred path/mode it uses Path A-Failover Only while the others use Path B -Failover Only.That is the only difference, all other parameters are default values except ofcourse for the Unit ID and capacity.So I set the preferred path for the new Vdisk same with the other ( Path B ).It worked and we thought that resolved the issue.

2nd Instance:

Another Vdisk was created and just like the first one, presentation failed.Our client tried on using both Path one at a time but still no success.I advised him to use the No Preference mode and it worked again.

But my client is now asking for an explanation as to why things gone that way.What could be the possible cause? Does it have something to do with load balancing?This is an EVA3000 by the way and as far as I know , these are active-passive system.Please kindly help us on these one.

thanks and best regards,
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Re: EVA3000 Inquiry

The HP-UX system can see 4 instances of HSV100 on ioscan? You should have 4 paths to the EVA.

What version of HP-UX? Older ones use Securepath to do multipath, new ones use native multipath support.