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EVA3K and SSSU capture config.

Malcolm Watts
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EVA3K and SSSU capture config.

I currently have a EVA3K, I am just wondering for a DR point of view, can you use the capture config text output file to use to reconfigure another EVA, say a 4400 or newer.
Would the CVEVA version have to be the same as the current version, can you modify the WWN in the capture config file to new host WWN's, or is it not possible to import the config file on anything other then the original machine?
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: EVA3K and SSSU capture config.

Hi Malcolm,

You can certainly use the CAPTURE CONFIG text to configure a different EVA. I used to do this regularly when I was working for a DR company.

The output will sometimes require a little bit of tweaking, depending on how similar the source and target EVAs are, but it is fairly straightforward to do. Things to be wary of, are differences in the number of disks etc.

I should say however, I never got to play with a 4400, but I wouldn't expect things to be too different. I've definitely gone from an EVA3000 to an EVA6000 without any problems.

Hope this helps,


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Re: EVA3K and SSSU capture config.

while you restore the configuration captured with "capture config", i believe it will restore the WWWN of EVA which we have configuration captured. Since the WWWN is unique to EVA's i dont think we can use this option to restore the config to other EVA. There is no way to edit the WWWN number of EVA once its entered. the only option to change the WWWN number is reinitilise the array.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA3K and SSSU capture config.

The SSSU command set has been quite stable over the recent versions (when comparing to the SSSU output, but that is another topic ;-)

The checksum is only meant to detect changes to the full capture, but you don't need to load the whole SSSU file into the other EVA.

I've very often taken an existing capture, modified some lines from it and pasted those into an interactive SSSU session (SSSU.exe running in a Windows 'cmd' window, for example) - on the same or a different EVA.