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EVA4000 and levelling strategy

Piotr Staszewski
Occasional Advisor

EVA4000 and levelling strategy


we have EVA4000 and group of 15krpm discs. On that group we have some vdisks in RAID1. During backup we do snapshots in RAID0 mode.

Recently I've noticed that some levelling is in progress during backup hours. Till now, I thought that levelling is started only when disc group is somehow resized (due to adding/removing disc, replacing broken one).

Do you maybe know in which situations levelling is started?

Is it possible that this levelling process was caused by occupancy level alert?

(due to problems with other part of infrastructure/backup scripts, sometimes snapshot is not removed automatically when it is not needed)

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4000 and levelling strategy

Leveling can also be done after you create or delete vdisks/snapshots/snapclones.

This was written for EVA3000 and 5000, but the concepts are the same on all EVAs