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EVA4000 cannot see remote EVA4400

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EVA4000 cannot see remote EVA4400

I have 2 EVA's A 4000 as the source and a 4400 as the destination used for replication only. At times the local managing CV looses site of the remote but after a restart of the cv services it usually reaquires the connection. A few days ago my local CV lost site of both the local 4000 and remote 4400, after trying everything I finally built a new CV, now it can see the local storage system but not the remote.

Any idea's??
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA4000 cannot see remote EVA4400

There is new firmware for the 4400 that hopefully fixes the reliability problems. The older EVAs also somtimes show this problem (no master controller). Assuming that no other changes have been done to the infrastructure it usually helps to reboot one of the controllers. If that does not help - reboot the other.

Now, before you do that I suggest you open a call with HP and discuss the situation. Maybe they have another idea or can extract useful information from the reachable EVA. If you act on your own there is always the risk that the support person can (sometimes rightfully) say that you have destroyed important state information.

Opening a call will also make sure that the problem gets logged in HPs database.
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Re: EVA4000 cannot see remote EVA4400

I had to restart the master controller on my destination 4400 using the WOCP last week.

This was at the suggestion of HP support. My Command View server could not manage it and just showed the WWN with a state of slave.

I looked in WOCP and I saw that the master controller had one host port as "unknown", so I did disable/enable on the switch port it was plugged into.

After a reboot of Command View server everything started to report ok 5 minutes later.
Bert Zefat

Re: EVA4000 cannot see remote EVA4400

There is sometimes an issue with the EVA's that the control "LUN" dissapears. A reboot of the master controller (EVA4400 most likely the left one) will fix this. Be sure that you give both controllers time to re-sync. My advice would be to reboot the second controller as well. Just to be sure you can access the EVA via the left controller again (so the problem is releay gone).
Just a re-sync of the controllers should also do the trick (and the controllers back faster)