EVA4000 config

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EVA4000 config

I've inherited an EVA4000 which I don't have too much experience with. The system version is shown as 5100 which I take to mean that this is firmware v5.1? I understand that these controllers are active-active, in which case do I need to ensure that VDisks are presented with a preferred path of "No preference" to ensure that it is presented on both controllers. Why is a specific "Managing Controller" still shown even when I do this? Am I misunderstanding the active-active nature of this system?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA4000 config

5100 most likely a firmware revision of XCS V5.100 - out of 'active support' for a long time (current is 6.220).

The EVA4000 is an asymmetric active/active array, which means that for one virtual disk there is one controller responsible processing physical disk I/O - that is the "managing controller".

The preferred path setting just defines which controller is assigned the managing role during boot and the failback behaviour. Due to the active/active nature, a virtual disk is always accessible through both controllers.

The non-managing controller accepts the I/O command and forwards it via one of the mirror ports to the other controller.


As I wrote, the firmware is no longer considered active, but please, please do not just let anybody perform an upgrade on the controllers alone!

The management software (Command View EVA) and the whole SAN environment, right up to the device drivers and multipath software on the servers must be dealt with!!