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EVA4100 Unmappable Hardware

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EVA4100 Unmappable Hardware



Our EVA with two HSV200 contollers is giving us very poor performance since a couple of days. When we check the command view, the operational state is 'attention'  and all disks are only visible in the 'unmappable hardware' folder, instead of the correct enclosure folders. Also, the eventlogs are filled with the following errors:


An exchange sent to a physical disk drive or another HSV200 controller via the mirror port or a Fibre Channel port has timed out.


(on both controllers, these events are occurring about every second)

- and -


An HSV200 controller issued a directed LIP to an arbitrated loop physical address.


After that, the following event shows up:


The location of a physical disk drive previously reported as unknown is now known.


Now the EVA is working correct for a couple of seconds, and performance is returning in normal state. But only until the whole story starts all over again. This is giving us basically a total outage of the environment. Anyone experienced this problem before?


Our softwareversion is SR1142xc3p-6200.


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Re: EVA4100 Unmappable Hardware



You can refer to the HP Guided Troubleshooting Tree (below link) to solve your HP EVA storage issues.


Link: http://h20584.www2.hp.com/hpgt/guides/select?lang=en&cc=in&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=3659910&lang=en&cc=in


Kindly provide the controller event logs and configuration logs so that i can take a look to provide solution.


Procedure the collect the logs is in the above link under troubleshooting.  


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Re: EVA4100 Unmappable Hardware



Please provide the logs for analysis. Alternatively you can try and restart the master controller to check if the error goes away.


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