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EVA4400 - Controller with error

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EVA4400 - Controller with error


We have an EVA4400 and one of the HSV300-S controllers shows an error:


And some of the IOs modules shows also an error. But not all of them.


How can we check where is the problem? We don't know if it's a controller error or if it's some IOs modules errors. Our EVA is not in warranty (we don't use it for production) and we will fix it.


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Re: EVA4400 - Controller with error

Hi there,

As far i can tell from the pictures some of your FC I/O Modules are probably dead...

We have the same storage and we are 'replacing" these modules every year for the last 3 years now..

Unfortunately our storage is still in production and as we do not have support, so we are "shopping" used parts...


Re: EVA4400 - Controller with error

Dear Mgfeal,

Good day!

The right controller has degraded health condition which might be contributing or causing loop issues. There is no DP-1A or DP-IB LEDs either.

The connection status is:
Right controller DP-1B (O) > Enc 5 P1 (O), P2 (G) > Encl 4 P1 (G), P2 (G) > Encl 2 P1 (O), P2 (F) > Encl 6 P1 (G), P2 (G) > Encl 1 P1 (F), P2 (G) > Encl 3 P1 (), P2 () > Left controller DP-1B

*O=Off, G=Green, F=Fault.

*Not sure of encl 3 right IO P1-P2 LEDs. Hence, blank above.
*On Encl 3, left IO, the P2 is off, if cabling is right, it should be connecting to right controller DP-1A.

The loop 1B is disrupted. If any IO module or cable is malfunctioning, the loop error would traverse across the components on loop.

I would request log file (and above missing LEDs) to verify array hardware status. It would help us pproceeding methodically.

Also, do you have spare IO module or cable at site?






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