EVA4400 Link issue

Joseph Salzer_3

EVA4400 Link issue

Hi all,

We upgraded to XCS 09522000 about a month ago and since then we have seen the host ports on both controllers go up and down and eventually the controllers will reboot (sometimes controller 1, sometimes controller 2). We see lot's of these:
A Fibre Channel port has transitioned to the FAILED state

A Fibre Channel port has transitioned to the NORMAL state

An HSV300 controller has left the Storage System

An HSV300 controller has begun booting.

We see this constantly, it appears that the host ports go up and down and eventually the controllers reboot. This is happening on two identical EVAs. I had seen a similar issue before and it turned out to be a bad SFP. In this case, it is unlikely that we have (8) bad SFPs and/or (8) bad FC cables.

We never saw controllers reboot while at XCS 09004000.

I searched the forum and saw a few other people have similar issues but with older firmware. XCS 09522000 was supposed to have fixed this.

At the switch level, the ports where the EVA connects to show 233 Link Fail & 382 Sync Loss. While other switch ports where hosts are connected show 0 Link Fail and 0 Sync Loss.

Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4400 Link issue

You need to provide the controller event log, so we can check the code the controller gives during reboot.

GO to server options - capture system configuration and select

- Controller events
- Controller termination events
- Controller configuration dump