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EVA4400 - P6550 Command View 10.3 Parser File

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EVA4400 - P6550 Command View 10.3 Parser File

Hi all,

After the firmware upgrade form 11000x to 

Controller hardware: HSV300  XCS version: 11300000  XCS build: CR2306lep 

Server based management and installed with CV-EVA 10.3

Under the controller event - it's asking for correct parser file


Event recroded: 

Parsefile for current firmware version not found. Upload correct parse file. CR2306


Does anyone have got the handy?

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Re: EVA4400 - P6550 Command View 10.3 Parser File


the parse file is part of the firmware file if you did the upgrade with the same command view server

it should have been installed. if not you can try running the installation again.


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Re: EVA4400 - P6550 Command View 10.3 Parser File

If the correct EVA event parser file is not available to Command View, A text parse file is provided with each version of EVA firmware. Each release of EVA firmware includes its own unique text parse file in the superfile. The parse file is extracted by Command View EVA for its use in formatting and displaying event logs for these events.


You could try this :


Copy and paste the appropriate parse file for the VCS / XCS firmware into the directory “C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Sanworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV\events”
Restart the command view service(HP Command View EVA) from the services management console.


Copy the appropriate parse file from the EVA firmware kit to a folder on the workstation that is used for browsing. From Command View EVA, select the following:
-View Events
-Controller Event Log
-Send Parse File
Click on “Browse” to the hard drive folder where the parse file is located, and then click the "Send Parse File" button.

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