EVA4400 SnapClone

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EVA4400 SnapClone

When I snapclone a vdisk Windows 2008 server host on a EVA4400 and I present the snapclone disk to another Windows 2008 host it says I need to format the disk. Shouldn't I be able to just present the disk and see it?
Sheldon Smith

Re: EVA4400 SnapClone

Yes, you certainly should. Present the snapclone to the second server. Then on the second server, rescan to see the drive in Windows' Disk Management, and just assign a drive letter or mount point.

Does the original Windows 2008 server host have an odd file system, or volume encryption that the second does not?

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Rajiv Kulkarni
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Re: EVA4400 SnapClone

if this disk is part of a windows 2008 cluster then consider using the below steps:

Amended steps used

Remove disk to be snapcloned from clustering.
Create snapclone of disk.
Present the new snapcloned disk to the same cluster or different windows server.
The snapcloned disk can now be manipulated as required (renamed, driver letter changed etc.)
Add both disks back into clustering.