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EVA4400 - monitoring temperatures

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EVA4400 - monitoring temperatures


we recently learned very painful that EVA4400 is sensitive against temperature raises.

The EVA4400 (XCS09522000) is installed in a closed cabinet (EMERSON XDFN 23UA) where under certain (emergency) circumstances a loss of cooling can occur.
In this case, the temperature inside the cabinet was increased to approx 31 degrees on the front side of the HSV controllers.
We received a minor event (0e202e19) stating temperature controller HSV300 becomng too hot.
Short after this (32 seconds) controller 1 left the system.
I know there is an event: "Critical -- failure or failure imminent. Temperature within an HSV300 controller too hot" but this were not logged.

After this point in time, a VDISK data lost occurs. At this point of time, we had no failures on the hardware in CommandView.

After temperature were decreased, the VDISKS were re-accessible by using the "leave vdisk as is" function, and a cold boot of both controllers was processed the system was back online.
We discovered some data loss inside the LUN's from the ESX environment which could be restored from tape.

After approx. 10h of normal operation, the battery 1 (which is assigned to controller 2) failed in operation.

All these events leads me to the requirement that the EVA needs a more extensive monitoring.

I am just wondering how reliable the monitoring is, when the critical events (as describe above) will never occur?

Furthermore we are wondering why the system fails at approx. 31 degrees, when ambient temperature of 35 degrees are allowed in the white papers?

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Re: EVA4400 - monitoring temperatures

I have the same problem exactly!

Please any idea ???