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EVA4400 stuck in levelling 'loop'


EVA4400 stuck in levelling 'loop'


I have a new EVA4400 (XCS 09522000).

Last week one of the drives went to a predictive failure state, array did it’s normal thing of removing this disk from the disk group and and started the levelling process.

It looks like during the levelling was running another disk has failed. Now the EVA seems to be stuck in a loop with the levelling process, it gets to 60% then bounces back to 43% and repeats but it never completes.

There are now two failed disks, one with a state of failure predication and a requested usage of ‘Ungrouped’, but its actual usage status is ‘Grouped’. The second drive has a status of ‘The disk drive in this bay is unidentifiable’.

I expect the disk that is unidentifiable can just be remove and replaced. But I'm not sure about the other drive as it is still reporting as grouped.

I have two replacement drives from HP, but the question I have is can a just go and remove both of these failed drives, replace with the new ones and add them to the disk group at the same time? Because of their current state I don’t get any option to cleanly remove them, so I assume I can only pull them out and replace them.

Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA4400 stuck in levelling 'loop'

If there's a disk having unrecoverable errors, the leveling cannot finish.

Try to ungroup the disk that is on "predictive failure" state.

If it has so many errors that it cannot be ungroupped, you'll have to pull it and replace both disks (one at a time).

Re: EVA4400 stuck in levelling 'loop'


I thought that might be the case. I don't get any option in command view to remove the drive that is predictive failure, I'm assuming this is because the EVA is trying to ungroup it.

I'll just pull it out and replace it with the spare.
Joao Santana
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Re: EVA4400 stuck in levelling 'loop'

Hi, did replacing the disks solved your problem ..??

I have a similar problem with an EVA 4100, leveling is looping from 94% back to 70%.

I had a failed disk, wich was replaced while leveling was running because i had to group 2 disks, and now i have a disk with "One loop connection lost" message.

I was wondering if that shoud be causing the leveling loop... 

Meanwhile i have a case runing at HP Support, but i start to worry because i have to shutdown the EVA next week to move the rack and i don´t know if it is safe to do it while leveling is running...

Thks if someone can give any feed back.


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gRe: EVA4400 stuck in levelling 'loop'

you can shutdown the eva when "levelling" is going on. Its purely an internal task to distribute the data to all available disks equally. You can refer the HP Guided Troubleshooting (www.hp.com/support/hpgt), if you need any help with shutdown/power up procedure.

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