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EVA4400 to EVA6400 Data In Place Upgrade

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EVA4400 to EVA6400 Data In Place Upgrade

We will be replacing the existing 4400 shelf with new 6400 shelves in addition to adding 6 disk shelves. One of the existing disk shelves needs to be relocated above the new controllers. Are the new controllers just going to go out and find the metadata regardless of how the shelves are configured or do we need to do some sort of controller initialization first? The installation document makes it sound like we shut everything down, replace the controllers, power up the disks and then the controllers and they magically boot as though nothing has changed. Can it be that simple?

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Re: EVA4400 to EVA6400 Data In Place Upgrade


the configuration is on the disks so if you keep the same configuration it's just replacing the controllers.

You need also to take in to account the difference in configuration you are moving from one loop to two loops but that is a hardware issue. Also you will need upgrade licenses as your existing EVA4400 licenses will not work with EVA6400.

Check that your new EVA firmware is the same as the old controllers



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Re: EVA4400 to EVA6400 Data In Place Upgrade

I did this some time ago.


Make sure you have enough place in the rack.


Make sure the existing EVA has the same firmware like the new controllers.

(maybe the hardest task - do you have a MSA1000 serial cable?)


Power down and install.


Power on and wait ... !



Once booted, you see the WWN and EVA name in the display.



You need a new CV licence.


The WWN will remain.



The reported disk identifier will change from HSV300 to HSV400, this was a show stopper for the virtual machines ;-)

But fixed by the administrators.

Hope this helps!

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