EVA4400 vDisk

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EVA4400 vDisk

This may be a silly question, but I wondered if anybody could give me more of an insight into the EVA4400...

I copy a file (something similar to a ghost image file) onto a vdisk in order to restore the ghost image.
If I copy the image and then restore it straight away after the copy completes the restore takes 9 hours.
If I copy the ghost image over and wait for a period of time (I waited 12 hrs) the restore only took 2 hours.

Could this be because the EVA is still striping the file accross the disks that it takes 9 hours to do the restore when I restore immediatley after copying?
Is this delay expected?

Hopefully this makes sense - if not please let me know and I'll try and provide more info.

Any help is much appreciated.
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA4400 vDisk

One idea you can try would be if you started a evaperf collection before you put the file on the vdisk and then turn it off afterwards.

Then you can use that to see what is going on based on many_many metrics/counters during that after-period.