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EVA4400 vdisk preferred path

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EVA4400 vdisk preferred path



There are several paths to our vdisk since our EVA4400 has two controllers, A and B. What path is normally active by default? Is it possble for me 'load balance' the paths for all my vdisks over two controllers?


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Re: EVA4400 vdisk preferred path

Yes it's possible to load balance the load between both the controllers.


You need to check from the CV EVA and note the current ownership of the LUNs.


Select any LUN from the CV EVA and right side from Vdisk Properties-> under Presentation Tab, check the "Managing Controller" that tells the owner of the LUN.


After that if you found that LUN is owning by COntrolller A, then you can change the same by selecting "Path B-Failover/failback" option from "Prefered Path/mode".


This way you can balance the load.



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