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EVA4400 with embedded switches firmware advisory

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EVA4400 with embedded switches firmware advisory

We're running two EVA4400 with embedded switches in a CA setup with 4x MPX110. We're planning to upgrade the embbed switches to the latest version.

The following FW's are in place in the setup:
EVA4400's: FW 09522000
MPX110: FW
embedded switches: FW

HP launched some new versions of the embedded switches but we we're wondering what FW to pick. Since april 2009 they launched several different FW'w:

6.2.0d => 02/04/2009
6.2.0b => 02/04/2009
6.2.1b => 09/10/2009
6.3.0b => 16/11/2009
6.2.2 => 24/11/2009
6.3.0a => 07/12/2009
6.2.1 => 07/12/2009
6.2.0e => 07/12/2009
6.2.0g => 11/12/2009

What's the recommended one for our config?
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Re: EVA4400 with embedded switches firmware advisory

The embedded switch is a Brocade 5410 switch and firmware was the initial version of the switch. This firmware is functionally equivalent to Fabric OS 6.1.0x although 6.1.0x doesn't support this switch.

Reviewing the release notes, the next firmware update for this switch was 6.2.0b.

From version,you may go directly to 6.2.2 and then to 6.3.0b

You may want review the release notes

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Re: EVA4400 with embedded switches firmware advisory

Just the info we needed! Big Thx