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EVA5000 Cache battery, self refurbish

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EVA5000 Cache battery, self refurbish

Hi all,

i just wanted to let all of you know that you can easy fix broken cache batterys yourself.

i found only 1 thread that someone wanted to try it, so i thougth it's usefull that it is working.

these are the exact same Cells that are packed in the cache battery


if you rip of a small white diode on opening the cache battery,don't worry, it's just the HW cell fail indicator ( you see a cell fail on CVE as well )

soldering takes a minimum amount of skill,also the +/- is labeld on the board.

after placing the refurbished packs in the EVA it recognize the packs as new and as low voltage and start charging the pack.
few hours later the pack is marked as good and you have a full running eva again without spending a hell alot of money :D

kind regards alex

PS: be sure to pull the packs out while the EVA is POWERED ON, and also only put them back in while the EVA is POWERED ON.