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EVA5000 Managed by another agent

John McCabe
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EVA5000 Managed by another agent


we inheritted an eva5000 from another company (without the management server!)
i have setup the latest version of CommandView and SSSU and can see the storage array in so far as i see its name with an explantion mark on it saying its managed by another system.
I go into the SSSU select the system and try to set my new management server to take over as its manager and it seems to be ok until i go to make any other changes and then it throws back saying it is still being managed by another system.

i have used the commands
select system systemname
set system systemname manage

and it hasnt worked... is there any other work arounds?
or how do i blank an entire config of the controllers and array so i can start from scratch?


Rob Leadbeater
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Re: EVA5000 Managed by another agent

Hi John,

You should be able to use Command View EVA itself, rather than SSSU, to update the manager. You usually just get a page up saying managed by another system, and you click a button to take over the management.

However you can reinitialise the whole array if you want to, as a work around. Note this will delete all data with no way of going back !

You can do this from the OCP (Operator Control Panel) on the front of the EVA5000 controllers. I forget the actual sequence of buttons but it's fairly self explanatory.

You will need to have the WWID and check sum to reinitialise the array. These are usually printed on a sticker alongside the controllers. Just mentioning this in case you've inherited the thing in pieces, rather than the original rack...