EVA5000, Need help

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EVA5000, Need help

Got an EVA5000.

Found the manual for setting up.


Tried booting the SMA.

Blue screen, something about a boot device.


I am wondering if I can image the SMA so I can upgrade to Server 2003 instead of 2000.

Sure I'll be around.

Thanks for any all help.



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Re: EVA5000, Need help

Got Server2003 on.

Got Command View installed.


Need help configuring switches and the controllers.


Looking for documentation.


Any help would be much appreciated.


I'm going to try reading up on zoning to rule that out.


Not sure how to get into the controllers as they are configured with a differet IP than default.

Have no clue what it is.

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Re: EVA5000, Need help

It all depend on the vcs you are running


if you running really old firmware 3.x ,then your controller are active - passive


if you are running 4.x then its active -active


rules on zoning : vcs 3.x - controller A port FC1 and Controller B FC2 zone together on Fabric A and Fabric B it controller B FC1 with Controller A FC2


Rules on VCS 4.x - Fabric A Controller A FC1 and Controller B FC1 same with other controllers