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EVA6100 (XCS6200), Levelling will not progress past 19%

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EVA6100 (XCS6200), Levelling will not progress past 19%

The EVA currently runs both Online and Near-Online disks in 2 disk groups, CWS_FCAL (online) & CWS_FATA (near-online).

We recently had a speight of disk failures, when all disks were replaced, the CWS_ FATA DG levelled ok. However, the CWS_FCAL DG reached 19% and would not progress past. To prompt the system to re-initialise the levelling process, I ungrouped a random disk in the same DG. The Disk ungrouped ok and levelling recommenced. It then reached 19% and seems to have halted again.


Model: EVA6100 (2C8D)

Firmware: 6200

CV Version:  9.1


CWS_FATA (22 1TB near-online disks)

CWS_FCAL (86 300GB online disks)

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Re: EVA6100 (XCS6200), Levelling will not progress past 19%

From the JPG I do not think we have a space contraint but you may try changing Protection Level from "single" to 'None'  for a time being and check if levelling process resumes. If that doesn't work out then you may need to resync the controllers.


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