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Re: EVA6400 Mirrorclone of LUNs >2TB

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EVA6400 Mirrorclone of LUNs >2TB


Hi All,


How do I create a mirrorclone of LUNs greater than 2TB? I can create a container, but cannot sync it with the vdisk which is greater than 2TB in EVA6400. I am getting an error that this operation is not supported in the current firmware.


I have already upgraded the firmware to the latest (released in Dec 2012).


Please help.





Sheldon Smith

Re: EVA6400 Mirrorclone of LUNs >2TB

Unfortunately, you can't. As you have already found, a mirrorclone of a vdisk 2 TB or greater is not supported.

"The operations allowed on virtual disks or snapshots that are 2 TB or greater are create, present, delete, extend, and shrink virtual disks; create and delete snapshots; and create, delete, and attach empty containers." - HP P6000 Enterprise Virtual Array Compatibility Reference

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