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EVA6400 changing host mode operating system

Eric Sabo_1
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EVA6400 changing host mode operating system

We have an EVA6400 SAN environment, we are looking to confirm the necessary steps in order to change the host mode operating system. The servers involved are Exchange 2010 server running Windows 2008.

Here are the steps we think we need to do:
• If mailbox server, fail over “Active Mailbox store/logs” to another node
• Stop all Exchange services – note ones that are automatic (change to manual)
• Shutdown Server
• View host properties – document for each LUN to server
• Unpresent the LUNs to this host.
• Delete the host entry.
• Recreate the host entry with the correct Host Operating System Mode (windows 2008)
• Present the LUNs back to the same host.
• Now power back on the host.
• Check to see if data and disk are presented
• Reset “manual” to “automatic” – exchange services
• Make sure pagefile is set (only on cas/hub servers)
• Reboot server
• Make sure all Exchange services and disk come back online
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Re: EVA6400 changing host mode operating system

I hope no need to remove host entry and create it again with correct host mode. Simply after failover you can change the host mode and you can check with server reboot.