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EVA6400 throughput query

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EVA6400 throughput query

I have a query about the HP EVA6400, on the product description it mentions its got device port speed of 4GB.

Then its got device aggregate bandwidth of 16GB to SAN switch and our SAN switch is 8GB. Then will there be any benefit if our servers are using a 4GB HBA or 8GB HBA will I be able to utilize the 4GB throughput.

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Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA6400 throughput query

400 MegaByte throughput? Maybe with special test programs, but in most cases the applications do random I/O with much less throughput (=MB/s). Just be confident that the ports are not the bottleneck...

Select the HBA that best fits your needs. For a new, modern server select an 8GigaBit FC HBA. My guess is there is a higher chance that you can re-use it some years down the road.