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EVA6400 to VNX5500 Migration

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EVA6400 to VNX5500 Migration

Hi ,


We have EVA6400 to VNX5500 Migration lined up in our setup.

Just a few steps that i have made , need to be verified ;



1] HBA firmware on all hosts

2] O.S version compatibility 11.23 any issues.

3] We have 2 setups A and B


Setup A has 2 16port SAN -switch with 2 gbps throughput. ( old one )

 Setup B has 2 48port SAN -switch with 4 gbps throughput.


We would be cascading these two switches one  ata time with new one from EMC.

Creating mountpoints on all hosts parallelly.

As far as data transfer is concerned am a little confused as to how should we do it ?

1] Using lvextend mirror copy ( this needs online jfs too right ? )

2] Using EMC Open migrator


Also i have around 6 clusters in my setup. if my san-switch changes the ctd numbers would also change , hence a cluster reconfiguraton is needed right ?

Can we avoid it ?

Can we carry out this migration package based ?