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EVA8100 and MXP100, created LUN not showing on MPX

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EVA8100 and MXP100, created LUN not showing on MPX

Hi , 

I hope we can get some help with the last tweek we think we need too get our system up and running.

We have inherited an EVA8100 with a MPX100 iSCSI.  foolwing all the available tech PDF's and such we have pretty much got everything talking but we can't get top the point where we can see the created VDISK's/LUN's.  We see the iSCSI device in Command View and we cnan present the VDISK to the ISCSI host.  However when we log into the MPX100 we can see the FC links to the EVA but we can't see the created LUN?

On the Windows ISCSI initiator (on a w2K8 box) and it can see the MPX and the EVA but the MPX can't see the LUN or any new VDSIK. 

I'm sure we are there or there abouts but there must be something we are missing.  My suspisions are that we are making the error on the EVA itself but I'm not sure what or where.  Any help or advice that anybody has would be gratefully received.