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EVA8100 became unresponsive after disk failure

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EVA8100 became unresponsive after disk failure

Hello peers,


I experienced a disk failure on a EVA8100 recently. Around the time of the disk failure a number of Solaris and Windows hosts also hung and could not see their disks. the solaris servers actually crashed. Whilst the Windows boxes needed to be rebooted before their san disk was visible again. It was as if the EVA was unable to service storage requests whilst  it was managing the reconstruction of the failed disk. Has anyone else ever experienced this ? 




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA8100 became unresponsive after disk failure



I have seen when there's been a really really bad disk failure. For example I think in one case the disk spat out thousands of 'unrecovered read errors'.


Maybe the controller event log would be useful to look through ( I don't have a tool so can't myself ).

And also maybe the SAN-switch logs. Maybe those would be able to tell you if there for example were any link ups/downs for the related hosts/EVA ports.