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EVA8100 with XL852 Back-end Loop Switches

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EVA8100 with XL852 Back-end Loop Switches



I need to add physical enclosure 12 into master cabinet and physical enclosure 13 to expansion cabinet.


The two guides that I have , have contradictory port numbers since the one guide is based on 352 loop switches and the expansion cabinet guide has both 352 and 852 loop switches.


1. i need to know which ports to connect each of the I/O modules , i know which loop switches to connect.


Enclosure 12 connects B-Side I/O to loop switch 2B and A-SIDE I/O to loop switch 2A and Enclosure 13 connects to 1A and 1B.  The expansion rack guide indicates which port to connect on the Xl852 loop switch , but i have no idea which ports to use to connect Enclosure 12 when using XL852 Loop Switches , the document is based on 352 loop switches.


2. What do the labels look like for the FC cable Connections ?



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